Rug Designs and Styles


We carry every kind of carpet you can dream up. Everything we have is 100% wool, hand-woven, hand-knotted, and hand-tied. With 100% natural vegetable dyes, everything we carry will last a life-time and more.  It is has been shown that people are allergic to the toxic glues used in broad-loom and machine made carpets. Our 100% natural wool and dye carpets offer a safe, attractive and unique way to decorate your home.
We carry all styles and sizes. Here are some of the most popular styles we sell:
Turkoman rugs
- usually red and dark blue, these tribal rugs make an dramatic statement. The red dye comes from juice of pomegranates and the blue is from indigo. The rich designs look stunning in an office, living room or dining room. The dark color scheme especially hides spills, so they are great for a home that entertains frequently!

William Morris, Agra - a unique and elegant look that has recently become popular are the William Morris, or Agra, style carpets. These finely woven carpets from northern India are often found in modern color palettes and make any room look glamorous.
Kazak - A bright blend of blues, yellows, reds and greens, this tribal rug from Kazakhstan comes in a variety of geometric styles, all adding energy to any space they are put in. Woven with incredibly fine wool, they reflect the light of the sun, and will simply make you smile.
Gabbeh - A truly modern take on the Persian rug. These fun and vibrant rugs are from Gabbeh, Iran, and they come in all sizes and colors. They have a very distinctive modern, plain look. and are very plush. They also do not have fringe, which many people like since vacuuming fringe can be troublesome. The red Gabbeh's come in a variety of tones, but some of the most fun are a true cherry red with simply nomadic designs. You can also find un-dyed wool Gabbehs, which are truly unique and very contemporary. This style is popular in modern homes and condos.  
Persian Tabriz - The most glamorous and exquisite design on the market is that of the Persian Tabriz Mahi. Intricately woven wool and silk, with a medallion design, these rugs are truly art for your floor. They, amongst others, are how the term "Persian Rugs" came to be. These rugs are formal and elegant and will make any home look like a millionaires.


Persian Heriz - A tribal and geometric Persian rug, the Heriz is a beautiful and modestly designed rug. Coming in all sizes, you will find the Heriz to be popular with people who appreciate Native American geometric designs. The colors schemes range, but you will often find this design in earth tones.

Other beautiful designs are Persian Sarouk, Isfahan, Qum, as well as Turkish Kilims, Russian flatweaves, and more.